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Indoor climbing offers young people the chance to experience adventure in a safe and controlled environment. Teamwork, communication and confidence boosts are all a natural part of the activity with challenge, excitement and improving motor skills thrown in for good measure.

Climbing provides a physical challenge for everyone regardless of ability level. Different routes on the wall allow everyone their own individual challenge. It’s not just about the exercise either, climbing requires lots of problem solving to work out the best way to use the holds to get to the top of the wall.

We can offer a range of sessions to suit your group’s needs, all at a very competitive price.

Just for fun

These sessions can be just for fun as a one off taster, an end of term treat or a way to try out the wall before deciding to book a block of sessions. Typically the sessions are between 1 – 2 hours, including a mix of roped climbing, bouldering and abseiling.
Why not use indoor climbing as a practical learning tool to support you sessions inside the classroom? The possibilities for linking a climbing session with your classes are endless, topics such as mountains, forces, angles, gravity, vectors, communication, friction and many more can be tied into the sessions.

Block Sessions

A block will typically be six weeks to tie in with the school half term. The students will begin the block with a fun session to get a feel for what climbing is all about. Over the weeks everyone will learn knots to tie onto the rope, how to fit a harness properly and how to keep each other safe on the rope. Instructors will adapt the activity to the needs of the group and to each individual. Each child will be supported and challenged in equal measure.
Fitting into your timetable we can offer sessions right through the day, from PE classes to after school climbing clubs.

Times/ Prices
Almost any time depending on availability
£40 per hour, per group of 9


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